//Connectsim & Our Brand of Hotspot Solutions

Connectsim & Our Brand of Hotspot Solutions

I first wanted to thank everyone for reading one of our first posts on our blog. Connectsim Inc. is a technology solutions provider operating in Canada and the USA. We have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our company has been incorporated since June 2002 and have been providing a number of wireless wifi hotspot solutions throughout North America.

Now let’s get to the real topic of our social wifi hotspot offerings. We offer a very feature rich social wifi hotspot router system that enables businesses to monetize their free wifi offerings. When we first went to market with social wifi a lot of customers didn’t know of the technology terminology of social wifi. Basically social wifi is a term that enables a free wifi solution or hotspot to operate and provide your customers with wifi as long as they access the system through one of their social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, linkedIn , Instagram or a form. There are many benefits of operating a social wifi hotspot system as it helps todays’ modern businesses to reach a greater and larger audience through social media. With the power of Facebook and Twitter and the number of likes and tweets a customers offers in invaluable to a business. When one patron or customer accesses your Connectsim wifi hotspot system you can force the customer to automatically like your page or tweet about your page which then sends social signals to their followers and facebook friends. They says that the monetary value of one Facebook like is worth $135.00.

Social WiFi hotspot systems are gainly popularity and I would say its about 2 years old and its becoming the norm to offer this with any hotspot solution. Many other businesses in the market offer a wifi hotspot plug in with Facebook but our brand of Connectsim’s wifi service allows a lot more.  To break it down here are a few bullet points of what $49usd/month offers our clients.

  • A feature rich back end portal where customers can see types of mobile devices that were used to log in.
  • How customers accessed your Wifi through either one of their social media accounts or through a form.
  • Dwell time if analytics upgrade is purchased you can monitor if a customer or customers sat in a particular part of your establishment such as a bar or lounge for x amount of time.
  • Automatically send loyalty coupons to a customer once the wifi hotspot system detects the customers phone in twice. Customers can set this option in our back end portal.
  • Based on their Facebook data that it collects the system will automatically send a birthday announcement to them such as “Spent your birthday with us and enjoy a free bottle of wine” (very customizable).
  • See a trend of peak busy times in your establishment by selecting a specific date range.
  • View your customers Facebook Interests such Food & drink, sports, music and more. The system allows you to drill down to specifics of % of which customers enjoy R&B, or soft pop, or country. View image here ;

To learn more or try your free social wifi hotspot system from Connectsim visit us here www.connectsim.ca

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