//Configuring your WiFi Hotspot Splash page or Guest access page

Configuring your WiFi Hotspot Splash page or Guest access page

Here is a very quick tutorial on how to edit your wifi or Wi-Fi hotspot splash page or guest access page.

Your guest access page or splash page is the screen that they see after they connect to your hotspot router or hotspot wifi system. Our demo splash page below is designed in HTML. All yearly plans receive 3 free splash pages when they sign a contract with us so no need to worry about html programming or designing your landing or wifi hotspot splash pages.


Although when designing your hotspot splash page you have two choices on how to design them. You can design them either with a standard easy to use back end interface which allows you to drag and drop images of your logo or other pictures (most popular way) or you can have it designed in html. When designing your wifi splash page you can also tie in other popular social signals or news feeds such as the local weather, a link to your home page or a link to a coupon on your website and of course linking your Facebook updates and twitter feeds so customers can view them.

So to get started after you’ve logged into the system visit the Onboarding area and you will see Splash Pages, click on the link and then click on create a new template > fill out the information and select either standard or html. Standard is our most popular way to create one where you can just upload simple jpg files and edit text with a built in text editing tool.

Once you have completed the design you can preview each design to see how it will look on either a mobile device or on a tablet or laptop. Just click on preview and click on the mobile icon or the laptop icon.

Once you are satisfied with the splash page save it and make sure the tab use underneath is set to offline. The status has to be offline to enable it to work.

Many of our customers will go to the system templates where you will see about 6-7 standard templates that you can duplicate and copy. This is the easiest method when building e-shots or loyalty coupons to send to customers.

Now after you’ve created your splash page the next thing you need to do is create a journey. The journey is almost like a story where you select your previous splash page that you want set up and then publish it. This gets published so users will now access your wifi hotspot system. In the journey section its important to select custom terms so customers know about policies of using your free wifi and more. In the journey section there are a lot more options to configure such as redirects (redirect your customer to a specific coupon on your website). A popular way of how we helped our retail customers when checking out to gain more social signals and likes is while the customer is checking out have your staff ask them “Did you receive the 10% coupon on your mobile device” If not just log into our free wifi and send us a like”, this automatically sends you the coupon. In return the business establishment gains hundreds of customers through training their staff on how to offer a simple coupon via a wifi social hotspot system from Connectsim. To enable the Facebook like option its located in Options of the Journey section, just make sure its enabled to green so likes will be filtered in once logged in.


For more information and how to’s on configuring your WiFi hotspot router contact us at www.connectsim.ca

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