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Wireless RF Site Survey in Toronto

Some of the reasons why many retail & restaurants select Connectsim to implement their wireless RF site survey solution is because our team always ensures that you’ll have an interference free wireless deployment.

With the large growth of unlicensed wireless access points , wireless mobile devices, bluetooth handsets, IBeacon’s ,wireless alarms and more its a difficult and challenging task to ensure a businesses retail environment or retail store is operating at 100%. With all of our deployments we provide a report of a spectrum analysis, cellular channel report, and more. We provide a list of known wireless nodes that could affect each POS terminals or clients to make sure your point of sale system will operate 100% of the time.

Although a guarantee is difficult our team will make the best recommendation for your environment. We’ve invested in these expensive tools because we know that the core success to a wireless POS is when all network bottlenecks and issues have been removed.

Don’t be stuck with wireless printers not printing or waiting for transactions to upload or download.

Contact one of our mobile POS sales representatives to schedule a retail or restaurant POS demo.

For social WiFi marketing and analytics please schedule a WebEx demo to view the features and capabilities.

We are an authorized Meraki partner and reseller so contact us for all your wireless network installations. We are also a distributor and reseller for UBNT or Ubiquiti networks in Toronto Canada.

Toronto Wireless RF WIFI Site Survey

All of our wireless RF site surveys performed in the greater Toronto area a designed and built using Airmagnet and Fluke’s award winning software. We don’t use outdated software we only use up to date software with maintenance agreements with Fluke’s & Netscout’s support plans.

For those of you who need a direct link or access to our Cisco Meraki MX64 please visit here.

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