Configuration headaches like NAT traversal are handled automatically from the cloud. The MX70’s dual WAN ports with balancing and failover enable the use of redundant commodity Internet connections, providing more bandwidth and higher reliability than MPLS, at a fraction of the cost.


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MX80 Highlights


  • Stateful firewall throughput: 250 Mbps
  • Supports approximately up to 100 users

Cloud-based centralized management

  • Managed centrally over the Web
  • Classifies applications, users and devices
  • Zero-touch, self-provisioning deployments

Networking and security

  • Stateful firewall
  • Auto-provisioning site-to-site VPN
  • Smart link bonding
  • Active directory integration
Traffic shaping and application management

  • Layer 7 application visibility and traffic shaping
  • Application prioritization
  • Choose WAN uplink based on traffic type

WAN optimization

  • Reduces intra-site bandwidth consumption
  • Accelerates CIFS, FTP, HTTP, and TCP traffic
  • WAN optimization cache: 1 TB

Advanced security services

  • Client VPN (IPsec)
  • Content filtering (CIPA compliant)
  • Antivirus engine and antiphishing filtering
  • Requires Advanced Security License


Security LockA Complete Solution for Distributed Networks

The MX provides a complete networking and security solution that typically requires up to four appliances: branch router, next-generation firewall, Layer 7 traffic shaper, and CIPA-compliant content filter.

This integrated architecture dramatically reduces up-front costs and ongoing support and maintenance. Moreover, it provides unified, single pane-of-glass management, speeding deployment and eliminating the need for specialized training.

Cloud Managed NetworkingThe First Cloud Managed Networking and Security Platform

The Cisco Meraki MX is a complete networking and security solution, designed to make distributed networks fast, secure, and easy to manage.

The MX is managed entirely through Cisco Meraki’s web based dashboard. Designed with intuitive controls for IT generalists, the MX requires no training or specialized staff. The MX will even self-provision, allowing for remote branch deployments without on site IT.

Powerful Hardware Platform

The MX hardware platform is purpose-built for cloud management, with CPU and memory resources designed to provide application and content-aware security at the edge. The MX’s robust platform enables advanced features like layer 7 application traffic shaping, content filtering, antivirus/antiphishing, and site-to-site VPN, while providing the throughput and capacity for modern, high-density networks.

Easy to Manage Without Training or On-Site Networking ExpertiseEasy to Manage Without Training or On-Site Networking Expertise

The MX was designed for ease of use, even in branches without on-site IT. An intuitive interface, contextual help, and real-time support from the cloud eliminate specialized training. To deploy the MX in remote locations, simply connect the MX to the Internet, and it will securely self-provision from the cloud. Firmware upgrades, security patches, and signature updates are all delivered seamlessly from the cloud, ensuring that the MX is always up to date. Integrating broad security and networking features into a single intuitive device drastically reduces complexity in the branch.


Secure, Reliable Distributed Networking Without Costly MPLSSecure, Reliable Distributed Networking Without Costly MPLS

The MX eliminates costly MPLS tunnels with secure site-to-site VPN over redundant Internet connections. Using IPsec over the Internet, the MX links your branches to headquarters as well as to one another as if connected with a virtual Ethernet cable.


Group PoliciesConnects and Secures Branches from the Cloud

Cisco Meraki’s cloud management platform makes it easy to deploy secure, interconnected, centrally managed multi-site networks. Add new sites in seconds with auto-configuring VPN. Centrally manage user, content and application-aware firewall policies across your entire network.

Control Applications, Users, and Devices

App ControlThe MX provides complete control over users, content, and applications, giving the visibility, security, and control required for mixed-use networks. Layer 7 fingerprinting technology lets administrators block objectionable content and applications and prevent recreational apps like BitTorrent from wasting precious bandwidth. Likewise, the MX can prioritize critical applications like voice and video. User fingerprinting identifies clients by name, operating system, or device (e.g. iPad). Fast search, automatic reports, and device quarantine provide complete visibility and control over the users across the entire network.

Traffic ShapingIncreases WAN Performance and Reduces Bandwidth Costs

Block unwanted bandwidth hogs like BitTorrent, and add capacity with WAN load balancing. Cache, deduplicate, and optimize traffic with WAN optimization to lower bandwidth consumption by up to 99% and improve application performance by up to 209x.


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